My name is Francesco, I was born in the province of Matera and I was lucky enough to grow up next to a photographer: my father. Between films and slides, which alternated with videotapes and cameras, I nurtured my passion for video.
Then curiosity took me far, until I understood that this would be my way.
I am a musician and music helps me to give a unique line to my stories.
Over time, I have always tried to keep up with the times by investing in technical knowledge and equipment. The interest in the search for images and the desire to "tell the truth" with a note of poetry, is part of me.
Why the video?
I collect emotions, keep them inside me and turn them into a film. It is a difficult job, but at the same time wonderful. The video, unlike photography, narrates the event in a different language thanks to words and music: these help to retrace with your heart an unrepeatable day.

"We were their first American couple so we expected differences in style and difficulties in the language barrier. However, this did not stop Francesco from creating a high quality video of our beautiful wedding. They worked with our American photographer the whole day. Super friendly!

We got in touch with Francesco for the creation of our wedding movie, and we could not hope for a better person to do that! He has immediately been available and dedicated. A spontaneous friendship started to gro. On the wedding day he has been an essential figure, present, but discrete and never intrusive. Astonishing job! Absolutely recommended!”

Absolutely recommended! Never intrusive: we felt immediately comfortable in his presence, the result is amazing! Bravo! The perfect choice!”

Excellent job, very discrete during the shooting… a masterpiece creator! Excellent!”